Jungool in Appstore



Wagga is an all round hero sent by the village Shaman to investigate the whereabouts of the missing masks from the Temple. These sacred masks keep the wilderness in relative order, but… something stinky has made the air foul causing the local Hunters to go on a wild rampage, stealing the masks and hiding them all over the wild world.  And now, a whole cornucopia of odd creatures stands between Wagga and his quest to return the masks to the Temple.

Jungool is a game for iPhone/iPad, soon to be released in Appstore. It is a platform based action game set in different parts of the world with some light puzzles added to the mix. Along the 30 levels, as guided by the Shaman, Wagga will have to find the missing masks, meet and defeat some strange foes, and utilising the power of the special masks and some help from allies, to make way for the final confrontation.

The game has been in development for the past year and is a collaborative effort of four people :-

Flash and Headkaze on code, graphics by Lobo and music by Spacefractal.

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