Jungool in Appstore

Jungool is now free!

Jungool is now free for a limited time only!

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Jungool 1.2 Released!

We have released Jungool 1.2 just in time for Christmas with a massive price drop from $3.99 to just 99c! So get it while it’s hot!

What’s New In Version 1.2

Wagga has returned with vengeance and additional levels to test your mettle.

* Two new and varied bonus levels
* Tweaks and improvements to the controls
* Helpful hints from the Shaman for the first level
* Tips for most levels (accessed from the pause screen)
* Instructions and game information (accessed from the title screen)
* New health bar
* A selection of levels made easier (a little)
* Improvements to control in Pinball levels
* iCade support
* Fixes to save system
* A new introductory price

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Jungool Gameplay

You’ve asked and we’ve answered. You want to see some gameplay and here it is. We are serious when it comes to the gameplay experience and that is why we spent a year perfecting it. Enjoy!

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Jungool 1.1 and Price Drop!

Hey guys we’re happy to announce that Jungool 1.1 is now available on the App Store and we’ve reduced the price!

What’s new in Jungool 1.1

– Bug fixes
– Level selection screen shows gems left in a level
– Hint for the first level
– Improved Game Center and Open Feint integration

Also for those of you who were having trouble unlocking the last 3 bonus levels should now have instant access to them!

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Jungool Support & Help forum

We have decided to open up a forum area where Jungool can be discussed, suggestions can be made, and help can be sought in case you are stuck with any given level in game.

The forum can be found at:

Jungool School

Feel free to post – we are a friendly lot 😉

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Jungool 1.0 Released!

We are very happy to announce that Jungool 1.0 has been released on the App Store!


You can do a search on the App Store for “Jungool” or visit one of these direct links –

Jungool (United States App Store)
Jungool (Great Britain App Store)
Jungool (Australian App Store)

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Preview Video

We are getting very close to a release now, and we hope you’re all as excited as we are. In the meantime check out this preview video of some of the ingame action. Enjoy! 🙂

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Welcome to Jungool

Jungool is a game we have been working on for many months, and since it is nearing completion and release – here’s the first look at the game world and an introduction to the main protagonists.

You play as ‘Wagga’, a rounded creature (Ok, he’s a ball) with a quest to retrieve the masks stolen from the Village Temple.

This is Wagga (an all-round hero).


The Village Shaman acts as Wagga’s guide around the wild world in an effort to help retrieve the stolen masks and bring the balance back to the world. His green nose is from inhaling the special herb tea which only the Shaman knows how to prepare.


Hunters are the most pronounced enemies that Wagga will have to deal with. These creatures usually keep to themselves and their habits (being hunting), but the latest changes in the wilderness have made them go on a silly rampage, stealing the masks and hiding them all over the world.


The Shaman suspects that the Hunters cannot be the main force behind these disturbances of late. All signs point to someone or something, big and strong enough to make such an impact on nature and to force the creatures within to turn evil.

Within the 30 levels, it will be your task to get the masks back to the village by visiting most dangerous places filled with unfriendly creatures and a whole bag of troubles in between.

Check out a few screenshots from the iPhone version, a gameplay video and more to come soonish, so stay tuned ~

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